Via Pescara, 17 , Scicli, Italy

Finding the house: Casa Rochelle is located aprox 130 metres past the Church of San Bartolomeo, which is less than a 5 minute walk from Piazza Italia. Staying  to the right of the Church, follow east along via Guadagna, past The Spritz Point at the right. You will continue for around 100m,  then you will have the choice  of 2 ways to walk up the steps to reach via Pescara as follows:

1. The first walk up, walking up the stone steps is a bit more  rustic and steep, starting at via Sant'Orsola and via Aniene. Turn right at via Sant'Orsola to go up about 20m, then follow slightly down to the left and you will be on via Pescara. In a couple of metres you will be at Casa Rochelle, N.17 via Pescara.

2.  For the second walk up, simply continue another 20m along via Guadagna to via Santa Rosalia. Turn right and go up the paved steps at Santa Rosalia turning to the left, then to the right to via Pescara. Turn and walk to the right to reach Casa Rochelle N.17 via Pescara.

From Il Chiosco, located at the top of Piazza Italia, the walk is about 7 minutes.

130 Km


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